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My dude Jeter aka Player of the Decade! Rockin’ 3’s! GQ snubbed him on that 25 coolest athletes of all-time list, by the way.

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Watch My Feet: Shump

Haven’t done one of these in a minute, but bro has been hoopin’ in some heat lately:

Pearl Foams…

Flint XIII’s…


Nike Air Max 24/7 Team USA P.E.

Team USA was out and about in Turkey, rocking a special edition, Team USA colorway of the Nike Air Max 24/7, one of my favorite shoes of the year:

Yall peep Andre Iguodala with the Leaders fitted! Nice!!!

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“GH4, takin’ the floor here to score, triple-double no trouble I got game galore…”

Grant Hill was defintiely the illest! He went the Fila route back in the day, and is one of the only acceptable reasons to own a pair today. Dope commercial with a dope-ass rhyme.

Check Pac in the GH2’s…

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Watch My Feet:

Bron rockin’ the DMP VII’s…

Yeah, that’s Jimmy Iovine he’s with…this is that “cool” s#@! I was talking about.

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Gary Payton Rockin’ ‘The Gloves’…

Recently, Gary Payton, one of my favorite players of all time was spotted in “The Gloves”, or, the Nike Zoom Flight 98, one of my favorite shoes of all time. Hopefully these get a retro release sometime soon. In the meantime, hit the jump for closer pics.

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Nike Air Max LeBron VII – “MJ Heroes Pack Edition”

The Penny and Deion Sanders editions popped up the other day. These are the Michael Jordan-inspired VII’s, which, unfortunately, have no release date yet. Of course Ty got his, though. Must be nice….more after the jump.

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