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Shouts to Randy Moss!



LeBron x Dr. Dre x BEATS

Lol, that boy Affion is a fool. Apparently these particular joints were designed (or co-designed by the King himself). Check out the behind the scenes footage, too.

#Shoutout to Team USA

Typically, the summer sport’s world is dominated by baseball, pre-season football talk, and major tennis and golf outings, leaving hoopheads longing for something to watch. But this year (with the help of Nike and the ESPN family of networks), we were given the opportunity to see something great.

The Game in one of its purest forms. Guys playing not for the money, but for pride, driven by their passion for the game.

But as Team USA prepared for the FIBA World Championships, the hate was about as heavy as Shawn Kemp. The “B Team,” some called them. Granted, these weren’t the creamiest of the crop, but the “B Team”? Really?

Personally, watching them win left me a proud American, telling myself, “I Love This Game.” Seeing them play since early August, we were able to witness the entire ride. We got to watch them grow up and come together as a team, the final game being the fulfilling culmination of it all.

When they lost in ‘02 (which was made up of “second-tier” guys just like the current team) and ‘06, Americans were disgraced. Astonished. Ready to banish George Karl, Paul Pierce and the like from the country, forget the League. But the team that finally righted the ship, bringing home World Championship gold for the first time since 1994, hasn’t been met with the same enthusiasm.

Given all the hate, I think it’s time to show some love:

1. First and foremost, shout out to Kevin Durant. From day one, it was clear: He had to be the guy. Coach K had to ask him to be more selfish. With all the pressure on him, he stepped up. Big time. And when it counted most, is when he was at his best. Dropping 33, 38 and 28 in the final three games, setting all kinds of records for Americans in international play. Even when Team USA’s offense, or lack thereof, seemed to come to a standstill, Durant carried them singlehandedly, and was the lone Team USA member to average double figures, putting up just under 23 points per game.

One of my personal favorites thus far. See the full story over at SLAM.


For weeks, many have doubted Team USA. Much was made of the fact that the “B-Team” would be without any members of the 2008 “Redeem Team”. But Team USA put all those haters to rest on Sunday, saving their most impressive performance of the tournament for last, beating Turkey in Turkey, 81-64.

See the full story over at Court Cred.

Team USA 89, Lithuania 74

A few weeks ago, Team USA faced Lithuania in their second exhibition game, and struggled heavily early on, opening up 3-21 from the field. Saturday, they played Lithuania again, but this time it counted and this was a different Team USA. With a chance to play for the gold medal on the line, Team USA didn’t disappoint, topping Lithuania 89-74 to advance to the championship game.

See the rest over at Court Cred.

Pic Via: USA Basketball

Big Kid On The Block

It’s a mixup that happens far too often. Same size, same initials, same field. One played at Syracuse, the other calls it his hometown. And, especially upon first glance, there’s a striking resemblance.

But Derrick Coleman is not DaJuan Coleman’s father.

“There will be tournaments and stuff and people are always asking me, is that my father? Naw, that’s not my father,” said DaJuan.

Though the two aren’t related, they could certainly be on the same path. Derrick Coleman, of course, was a high school legend in Detroit, All-American at Syracuse, and eventual No. 1 overall pick in the 1990 NBA Draft. Likewise, DaJuan Coleman, is one of the top players high school players in the country, looking to take his talents to college and hopefully the League soon after.

He’s been hard at work this summer to make that a possibility.

“It’s been real good,” he said about his summer. This year, Coleman has played at the adidas Nations Global Experience in Chicago, the LeBron James Skills Academy and made his rounds on the AAU circuit, playing with the Westchester (NY) Hawks. Most recently, he was patrolling the paint in Venice Beach at Boost Mobile Elite 24.

See the full story over at SLAM.

Team USA 92, Tunisia 57

With the top seed already wrapped FIBA Championship, a bit of a letdown, though obviously unwanted, wouldn’t be completely unforgivable. Especially as Team USA was facing lowly Tunisia, who, entering Thursday’s game, was 0-4. While they came out sluggish, Team USA would eventually pull away, winning 92-57.

  • Quick Sidenote: Russell Westbrook is making his case as the best in game dunker in the league. All three dunks in the video below are from today’s game, but this is nothing new. He’s good for at least one per game. Every single time he goes to the basket, someone has the potential to get shitted on. But hey, #WHYNOTTT!

See the full recap over at Court Cred.

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