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Black Griffin as “Mars Blakeman”

Featuring 2011 NFL Draft prospect, USC’s Jordan Cameron, who has boings! That’s a tight end?!



“Parking Lot”

Favorite commercial of the Super Bowl, hands down! Shit had me crying!! Hahahahaha

Randy Moss Press Conference 10/31/10

Haaaaa! Yes. This happened Sunday, but Randy is my dude so I had to post. He was released today but who cares?!?! Fuck ’em! Brett Favre old bum-ass hahaha.

Shouts to Randy Moss!


Nike x Footlocker: “The Educators”

Nike Marketing, FTW.

Sportcenter, Scott Van Pelt Get Prank Called

Super Bowl Picks???

Jay Electronica…


I’m from the Nap, so, uhhh…..COLTS NIGGA!!!!!!

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