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Mos Def on “Why Fashion Is Important”…

Spotted over at The Academy. The Mighty Mos motherf cking Def!


Well, What Are You…

I love hearing people tell their stories. This tale belongs to Ougi, founder of The Brooklyn Circus.

Via: Sir And Madame

Sir & Madame x Made Monarchs

Via: Sir & Madame

New Leaders 1354 Accessories…

A flashdrive/wristband?!?! Stewpid.

Sir & Madame Style Guide Part 1: How To Tie A Bow Tie

Maestro Knows x Vashtie Kola


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Sir & Madame Product Update

Sir & Madame got the Red Wing boots in!! $230 for the top pair, $240 for the bottom. Sweeet!

Via: Sir & Madame

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