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Peterson’s Top 25

Ha! Yeah, I did my own Top 25 rankings, and dropped some nice sleepers in there, too. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory:

1. Duke

— Best team ins the country — hands down. The defending national champs bring back two of their top three scorers from last year in guard Nolan Smith and forward Kyle Singler. Also returning are 6-foot-10 brothers Miles and Mason Plumlee, both of whom much is expected from, as well as guard sophomore guard Andre Dawkins, who should be improved with a year of experience under his belt. That alone would make Duke a formidable contender. Now throw in freshman guard Kyrie Irving — who’s drawn Jay Williams comparisons and could possibly the best PG in the country —  and junior Seth Curry, brother of Steph Curry — who’s now eligible after sitting out a year after transferring from Liberty — and you’re looking at a team that is, on paper, far and away the best team in the nation.

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Changing of the Guard

At the beginning of century (odd as it sounds, we’re only talking about 2000), the league was run by big men.

The 90s was abound with talent all around. At every position. Arguably the best big man era of all time (Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Alonzo Mourning, Malone, Charles Barkely), there was a plethora of legendary guards and forwards in the league, as well (i.e. Mike, John Stockton, Reggie Miller, etc.).

The list of best and dominant players was fairly balanced.

In the 1999-2000 season, all that changed. There was a power gorging. Bigs, specifically power forwards, ran the league. Think about it.

Namely Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Webber, Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace. Of course, there was Shaq, along with Kobe, AI, and a handful of other guards were doing their thing, too, but on the whole, it was those 4-men setting the tone for the league. All had, at some point, the best team in the league, and carried their respective squads through deep playoff runs, in several cases claiming the title.

…But this season marks a clear shift. A changing of the guard, if you will.

With many of those aforementioned power forwards on their last legs — if not out of the league already — the NBA will now be under the guidance of guards for the foreseeable future. Yes, LeBron, D. Wade, Durant (qualifies as a 2-man, too), Brandon Roy, are pretty damn good two-guards, but this is about the 1s.

Chris Paul and Deron Williams we know. But there’s plenty more young studs on the scene also. Highlighted especially by this year’s national team, point guards in the league will have their hands full night in and night out on the defensive end.

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*Note: I forgot to mention Brandon Jennings. My bad!*


For weeks, many have doubted Team USA. Much was made of the fact that the “B-Team” would be without any members of the 2008 “Redeem Team”. But Team USA put all those haters to rest on Sunday, saving their most impressive performance of the tournament for last, beating Turkey in Turkey, 81-64.

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Team USA 89, Lithuania 74

A few weeks ago, Team USA faced Lithuania in their second exhibition game, and struggled heavily early on, opening up 3-21 from the field. Saturday, they played Lithuania again, but this time it counted and this was a different Team USA. With a chance to play for the gold medal on the line, Team USA didn’t disappoint, topping Lithuania 89-74 to advance to the championship game.

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Pic Via: USA Basketball

USA 121, Angola 66

Despite making it through the preliminary rounds unscathed, going 5-0, thee was still reason to worry about the long-term well-being of Team USA. Especially on offense, they hadn’t been impressive, or even consistent for that matter. With elimination on the line, however, Team USA handled their business accordingly, crushing Angola 121-66.

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Team USA 92, Tunisia 57

With the top seed already wrapped FIBA Championship, a bit of a letdown, though obviously unwanted, wouldn’t be completely unforgivable. Especially as Team USA was facing lowly Tunisia, who, entering Thursday’s game, was 0-4. While they came out sluggish, Team USA would eventually pull away, winning 92-57.

  • Quick Sidenote: Russell Westbrook is making his case as the best in game dunker in the league. All three dunks in the video below are from today’s game, but this is nothing new. He’s good for at least one per game. Every single time he goes to the basket, someone has the potential to get shitted on. But hey, #WHYNOTTT!

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Team USA 88, Iran 51

Coming into the FIBA World Championship, the expectations were that Team USA would have three tough games to get through in pool play, and then to breeze through the last two games. So far, everything is going to according to plan.

Team USA handled their first three opponents — Croatia, Slovenia and Brazil — then demolished Iran on Wednesday, winning 88-51.

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