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#ChickenandWaffles 9.7.10

Ok, I lied saying that last week would be the final episode of Chicken & Waffles. This week will in fact be the last episode of Chicken & Waffles, and mark the official end of summer. Hence, me & @PWelbs will get it in the only way we know how to. Show kicks off at 10PM.

TUNE IN FOOL! Listen live @ Radio DePaul.


#ChickenandWaffles 8.31.10

Back for the last time of the summer, I’m goin’ in!!! Solo dolo tonight, but the product is the same. GOOD MUSIC! Show kicks off at 10PM CT. TUNE IN FOOL! Radio DePaul.

Possible surprise guests checking in from the east coast, as well….stay tuned.

#ChickenandWaffles 8.24.10

Back on the air tonight, bringing you the dopeness, it’s me & @Pwelbs. Great hip-hop kicks off at 10PM, rocking all the way until midnight. TUNE IN FOOL! Radio DePaul.

#ChickenandWaffles 8.10.10

Another week, another episode. Me & @PWelbs back at it this evening on Radio DePaul with #ChickenandWaffles on deck. Dope hip-hop form 10PM-Midnight. Tonight, we’ve got the whole Stay Humble Entertainment crew coming through to chop it up — YP, Onis, Big Homie Doe and Griffen. TUNE IN FOOL! Radio DePaul.

In case you missed last week’s interview with Vic Mensa, check it out over at Fakeshoredrive. Chuurch!

#ChickenandWaffles 8.3.10

Me and @PWelbs will be gettin’ it in — as we always do — serving up that Chicken and Waffles. Checking in with Vic Mensa, and we’ll definitely have that More About Nothing in heavy rotation, as well.

TUNE IN FOOL! Radio DePaul.

#ChickenandWaffles 7.27.10

After a one-week hiatus, I’m back at it tonight, serving up Chicken and Waffles with the homie @PWelbs on Radio DePaul. Got two of my bros, Boog and Phlyy B,¬†coming thru to chop it up as well. #Chuurrch:

Lift off is at 10 PM. TUNE IN FOOL! Radio DePaul.

UPDATE: Download the Boog/Phlyy B interview.

#ChickenandWaffles 7.13.10

Goin’ in with the homie P. Welbs tahnight. Chicken and Waffles on Radio DePaul kicks off at 10 PM. In case you missed last weeks episode, check out the interview with Harlem rapper Esso. Got the homie Dee Goodz checking in tonight. Download his latest project if you haven’t done so already….

DOWNLOAD: Dee Goodz – ConGRADulations

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