In the late 90′s it Arizona was Guard U, but over the past few years, Villanova has taken the title. Corey Fisher is the latest in the lineage.

“You know, a lot of young people just want to come in and play right away, but I waited my turn, I worked hard, I played since day one, and now all my hard work is paying off.”

Taking the torch from Scottie Reynolds has been a smooth pass of the baton. Earlier this year, Fisher joined Reynolds, becoming just the second Wildcat to notch 1,500 points and 450 assists.

“I do whatever my team needs. My team needed me to score in the second half and that’s what I did,” said Fisher after scoring a career-high 34 points against DePaul. “When they were sending two at me, I was dimin’ ‘em, gettin’ dimes. Just doing whatever my team needs. If they need defense, I’ma [play] D, if they need scoring, I’ma do scoring. I’m just trying to do everything.”

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