If the season ended today, Derrick Rose would be the MVP. The things he’s done, putting that team — and the city — on his back, have been nothing short of spectacular. As predicted in the preseason, the jumper he’s added to his arsenal has rendered him completely unguardable.

That being said, in the argument “Who’s the Best Point Guard in the League”, Chris Paul and/or Rajon Rondo,cover men of SLAM 145, continue to get my vote.

Before you spaz like Pharrell, I’m using the term “point guard” in the truest, most technical sense of the position. As a synonym for floor general and extension of the coach. Utilitarian and efficient to the utmost. The unquestioned, democratic leader who makes his teammates better. One who deftly picks his own spots and finds others where they operate best.

Not that Rose fails at any of these, but Paul and Rondo appear to have mastered them. So, while Rose is the best player playing point, the best point guard — and yes, there is a difference — is playing in New Orleans or Boston.

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