It’s a mixup that happens far too often. Same size, same initials, same field. One played at Syracuse, the other calls it his hometown. And, especially upon first glance, there’s a striking resemblance.

But Derrick Coleman is not DaJuan Coleman’s father.

“There will be tournaments and stuff and people are always asking me, is that my father? Naw, that’s not my father,” said DaJuan.

Though the two aren’t related, they could certainly be on the same path. Derrick Coleman, of course, was a high school legend in Detroit, All-American at Syracuse, and eventual No. 1 overall pick in the 1990 NBA Draft. Likewise, DaJuan Coleman, is one of the top players high school players in the country, looking to take his talents to college and hopefully the League soon after.

He’s been hard at work this summer to make that a possibility.

“It’s been real good,” he said about his summer. This year, Coleman has played at the adidas Nations Global Experience in Chicago, the LeBron James Skills Academy and made his rounds on the AAU circuit, playing with the Westchester (NY) Hawks. Most recently, he was patrolling the paint in Venice Beach at Boost Mobile Elite 24.

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