Today was a good day for music. Especially for these youngn’s in the game:

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – What I Do

DOWNLOAD: Big Sean Feat. Pat Piff – I Go Hard

2 fresh leaks off Finally Famous Vol. 3, coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – It Won’t Be Long

DOWNLOAD: Boog – The Endorsement

“I’m a motherf*ckin rebel of a new age, wake up its a new day, I cause a fiasco that’s word to Lupe, u false like a tupae…I’m gin and you kool-aid, you mixed it and I’m too straight, I’m wit a chick named Tuesday, I met her at a Fridays, we smokin’ weed to Sade, whenever she come my way”

The homie Boog went in over that the J. Cole piece, Bun B For President. #Fistpumpshawty….Dom Kennedy went over that joint today, also…

DOWNLOAD: Dom Kennedy – Bun B For President

“And I can understand why niggas sayin’ Dom is next, let’s talk about now though, I’m the new nigga these new niggas look out for, waddown jo, that’s what Chicago niggas greet me with”

DOWNLOAD: Young Chris – Lights Please Freestyle

“Though I ain’t over there, Roc-Nation throw it up, still mess with Hov, shouts to Bleek, J. Cole what up”

CurrenSy – Twistin’ Stank…