To make plays, Kobe had to be in the game.

73 times – for 2835 minutes, through aching joints and broken bones – Kobe gave the Lakers everything he had.

By season’s end, Kobe accumulated:

• 391 rebounds
• 365 assists
• 113 steals

Along the way Kobe picked up his 12th All-Star nomination and a place at the top of an all-time Lakers list: on February 1, 2010 Kobe hit 25,207 on his career points odometer – more than anyone who’s every worn the purple and gold.

By averaging 27.0 points per game on the year, Kobe gave himself a little breathing room, shooting his career total to 25,970. The details are in the shoe.

Kobe was rockin’ these last night en route to the Lakers taking a 2-1 lead the series. Ill status.

Via: Sneakernews