I’ll start by saying I’m definitely a Kobe supporter. I’ve long argued that, skill-for-skill, he’s as good as Mike. If that’s untrue, the argument has certainly never held more strength than it does now. But that’s another story.

What’s in question here, is why, if that’s even semi-true, doesn’t Kobe get that same love that Mike got. Even if one doesn’t agree that Kobe is as good as Mike, he’s pretty damn close, and that alone should warrant some kind of praise. But it doesn’t. Not to the extent it should.

Instead, there’s a reluctance to accept what Kobe’s done. I’m not saying no one likes Kobe or everything he does goes unnoticed. Much to the contrary. Proof of that was recently eloquently stated on this site….

…More generally though, the result has been that, no matter what he does or who he tries to please, people still hate. This is one of the most accomplished players EVER in the history of the game. He should have the whole world eating from his hand the way Mike did. But he doesn’t. Why?

How can he successfully emulate Mike’s every move, and, more importantly, back it up with hardwood, but not feel the same love? The answer is actually quite simple: He’s not cool. Period. And that’s the major issue.

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