DOWNLOAD: Big Sean – Bullshittin’

Prod. by The Olympicks.

“Go on roll that weed yeah I think it’s time to spark it, cause I be runnin’ through them trees, niggas call me Tarzan”

DOWNLOAD: Wale – I’m Ill Freestyle

“I be wit them jazzy hoes, Andre Kirelnk”

DOWNLOAD: L.e. For The Uncool – Late 4 Dat

“Til the casket drop I be workin’ in my Play Cloths, Lord willin’ I will never feel clips, unless they comin’ outta my speakers, ya dig”

“I’m in the N.O., listenin’ to JE, lectronica Exhibit A through C”

DOWNLOAD: Willie The Kid – Real Life

Skyzoo – My Interpretation (Trailer)…

I usually don’t even post trailers, but this is one of my favorite joints off the album, plus the shit just looks epic.

U-N-I – Desha Dayana…