So I’m surfing the web last night, and come across this photo. At first I scrolled past it but something caught my attention. Whoever it was seemed like they might have been fairly fresh….It’s the fucking New Boyz. Wearing Aquamarine SB’s and Toro Bravo V’s. And regular ass black jeans, and windbreakers and cardigans. Red flag.

I immeadiately think to myself: Hold up. I know these two negroes are not really finna try to do this. Let me make it clear: I’m not a hater (I do hate the New Boyz, though). I call it like I see it and these two clowns are fucking hypebeasts. Not that I didn’t know that already, but it was just so clear this time that I had to go in.

This is the photo that got me fuming:

To be honest, I’ve got no real problem with what they’ve got on.

Here’s what gets me, though. This is what these fools were wearing less than a year ago:

How the hell these niggas go from wearing leopard nut-huggers and Now and Later fits to looking like Spitta. And fam is throwin’ up the Jets?!?!? Get the f*%k outta here…

Either these dudes are straight followers or the suits recognized that they’re original gimmick was a joke that translated into zero dollars and even less respect, and got these guys some stylists…who cares. Fuck these niggas. #ihatehypebeasts