Curren$y – Smash On Leary…

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – Smash On O’Leary

“Flew to the moon cause they it was made a cheese”

“It’s the king of this rythmic linguistic, killa shit, rollin that weed, parental advisory sticker shit, nigga fuck censorship, that crowd cool but I just couldn’t get into it”

Something off that Smokey Robinson tape…JETS FOOL

J. Cole – Playground…

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Playground

Prod. By Elite.

“These hoes out here lookin like some spare kidneys, they give it up, how gracious, ass outrageous, up in the club you could spot a dalmation”

“She hittin’ notes, then I’m Ghost like it’s Shaolin”

*2 dollars for the slide!* Hahahahaha….J. Cole is a MONSTER….by the way.

Cool Kids x Stalley x Ski Beatz – Do It Big…

“I’m Miked up like I’m goin on a talk show, North Face with the hood cause it might snow”

Ugghhh…and its Creative Control so you already know. Cool Kids killin’ it right now.

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