“If you say l’m wack, then you must like something totally different….Drake is hot, Wale is wack. How????”

*Great Question*

“It was never a moment. It was a series of small things. That’s what got me to where I’m at.”

Seeing this footage really makes you feel his pain about his album being undershipped. Respect the grind.

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12/18 Update…Bonus: Wale – Thank You Freestyle

“Courtside Wizards game, courtside Thunder game, sittin so close Flip ask is you gon’ play?”

“Marijuana medical, smoke it or the edible, nigga so high I gotta modify my schedule, laid back, high as hell, eyes under YSL, Attention Deficit was such acclaimed see how I excel, loud pack, I propel…”

“Now I’m getting more rings than Bill Russell in an Audi”

And the Chris Henry line?….stop it. He SMASHED this shit. I could have quoted the whole damn song. Got me on 1000!!!!!

Via: nahright