DOWNLOAD: Maxwell Feat. Nas – Help Somebody (Remix)

“My degree’s like Ivy League in the street, I succeeded the ghetto is my Garden of eden”

Maxwell’s contribution to (RED)WIRE is an exclusive version of “Help Somebody,” one of the most powerful songs from his highly anticipated new album, BLACKsummers’night. The song is a call to arms, asking “If you see the future, ask it if I’m there.” This version, exclusive to (RED)WIRE, features Nas, who provides a rap at the end of the song about the responsibility to “help the helpless.”

BLACKsummers’night better take home at least 3 Grammy’s in 2010.

BONUS: Lil’ Wayne Feat. Eminem – Drop The World

Nothing to do with the Maxwell joint whatsoever, but it dropped yesterday, and I didn’t get it up. Too dope not to post, Em slaughters this. Off that Rebirth.

Via: nahright