It’s been a while (almost 3 years to the date) since we’ve heard from the Clipse in official album form, so word of their return brought plenty of hype and rightfully so. After proclaiming themselves as the “best duo ever” on their mixtape Road To Til The Casket Drops last December, they certainly had a lot to live up to on this album. The longtime knock against the Clipse was that their content wasn’t very diverse. Drugs, drugs, and more drugs. At the same time, they were – and still are – the best to do it with the Coke rap, as they were still, without question, some of hip-hop’s top lyricists, dropping metaphors left and right.

And those are the strongest points on this album (plus “I’m Good”) – when they stick to the hard-hitting rap. Contrarily, the weak points come when they try to answer critics by moving away from the Coke rap, and focusing on other subjects (i.e. “All Eyes On Me”, “Counseling”).  The Neptunes have, for the most part, some great showings production-wise, as do Sean C & LV, but DJ Khalil steals the show producing 3 of the albums best tracks (“Kinda Like A Big Deal”, “There Was A Murder”, and “Footsteps”). While Til The Casket Drops starts off with an incredible 8 tracks, things come to a major halt at “All Eyes On Me”, and the album kind of crawls to the end from there. Still, this is another strong showing from the Clipse, but not quite enough to validate their gaudy claims of being the best two-man unit to ever step to the mic.


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