So we’re a week into the season, and my life’s already been changed by the return of the NBA (literally). Here’s a few highlights:

  • Gilbert Arenas has looked AWESOME so far. This is what we (or at least I) have been waiting for. No longer Agent 0 (again, literally), Gilbert seems to have transformed himself into an elite PG. We may have called him a point guard before, but we all know Gil was more about the buckets. The Gilbert we’ve seen this year, though, looks like a new man. Coming off two year consecutive years of injury and disappointment, this is the best we’ve seen him in a long time. He’s still an assassin, but has done a tremendous job running the Wizards, turning in balanced floor games night after night so for. 26.5 PPG and 6.3 AST through the Wizards first 4 games. We’re used to the points but what’s most impressive is the assists. and efficiency. His FG% is up 5 points, from 42 to 47, and his assists are up, as well. Flip Saunders has him under the Chauncey Billups act, and the way he’s playing he’ll be the starting POINT GUARD on the East All-Star Team.
  • MELO B EASY!!!! From the Nugget’s season tip-off, when he baptized Paul Millsap, Melo’s been going bizerk. We saw a lot of improvement last year with the Nugget’s addition of Chauncey, but it’s clear Carmelo isn’t done yet. 34.5 points per game this year so far, he’s already got two 40+ point outings, and he’s 43-86 – 50%! He came back to reality a bit last night, but still finished with 25 in the Nuggets win over the Pacers (he only played 29 minutes). Charles Barkely said it last year and I agreed, Melo maybe the best scorer in The L, in that he scores the easiest. Inside he’s just too big and strong, and he’s long had the best mid-range jumper in the league. That face-up, jab and pull automatic. It’s early, but he’s looking like a legit MVP candidate right about now.
  • Brandon Jennings. A lot of people were down on him last year, as his overseas performance wasn’t what some expected it to be, and his draft stock probably slipped because of it. However, I wasn’t one of them, and have been up on him since HS, especially after his McDonald’s game performance. And now that he’s in The L, you can see why. Thus far, he’s the best rooki in the league. His lines have been spectacular. He started his career with a near triple-double, going for 17, 9, and 9 against Philly. Since then he’s put in 24 and 25 point efforts, respectively. The Bucks are pretty bad, so the AST’s might not be through the roof, but he’s definitely made the jump better than anybody else so far.
  • Boston and Orlando look f’ing incredible. Yes, Boston has played some garbage squads, but look what they’ve done to them. Wins of 32, 28, and 29 point margins over Charlotte, Chicago, and Philly, respectively. Mix in wins at Clevleand on opening night, and over N.O., and you’re looking at an undefeated team. One that’s the most impressive in the league right now. Everybody looks great, from KG to ‘Sheed. Orlando also looks spectacular. They are easily the most loaded team in the league. No Rashard, no VC, no Pietrus, and they still rang up 125 points on Toronto. Enough said.
  • Pau’s out, but that hasn’t slowed L.A (save the loss to DAL.) Largely because Kobe is Kobe. He’s doing his usual – 31 PPG, 7boards, 3 assists, 3 steals. Best player in the L. Ron Ron is there with the D, too. Against Atlanta, Joe Johnson had 18 in the 1st quarter. Ron switched on to him – he finished with 27. Enough said.

I’ve got class so that’s it for this post. Sorry haha.