J. Cole – Unabomber…

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Unabomber

“There you have it, word flowin’ like magic, it’s truly accurate, you niggas posin’ like some hoes up in a beauty pageant, nobody touchin’ it’s like I got the cooties rapping, remember when we called niggas African bootyscrathers, yeah that was random but man so is life, you grab your needle grab your thread and hope you sew it right”

Jay Electronica Feat. Mos Def – Exhibit B (Snippet)…

DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica Feat. Mos Def – Exhibit B (Snippet)

The Jay Elec leaks keep coming via Just Blaze. Just a snippet but man…….if Jay Electronica ain’t that dude right now…shoot yourself and get suspended.

Lupe Fiasco – Say Something Freestyle…

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco – Say Something Freestyle…

“Events recently lit a fire under him like pots and pans”

“I up in the sky like helicopter cams, and you down there in a traffic jam, from here I’ve seen a buncha fake shit like avid wrestling fans”

“Still hard to see me like the truth on TV”

Let me stop before I quote the whole song. Looks like that Hottest MC’s List really got to Lupe. Good.
*This has been a hell of a week for new music*